Project Management Office (PMO)

Defining and maintaining common sets of practices, processes, templates and tools...

Defining and maintaining common sets of practices, processes, templates, and tools for project management and tracking.
You have your goal, plan, and money, but to achieve it, you need resources, facilities, infrastructure, tools and established processes. PMO is that backbone in your project organisation that facilitates the delivery of the project by providing support to management and teams. The following areas of responsibility are usually covered by PMO:
  • Setting up common standards, processes, procedures and templates
  • Establishing and maintaining team collaboration tools (e.g. SharePoint)
  • Establishing team training needs matrix, providing learning materials and guidelines
  • Setting up project tracking tools, dashboards, reporting schedule
  • Contracts management and procurement
  • Providing support to project management with resource management, on-, off-boarding
  • Financial control
  • Meetings and event management
  • Issue and Risks management
This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive, as the exact scope of this service can depend on the project specifics, size, and responsibilities allocation within the project management team.