Project Scheduling

Schedule development, maintenance and control...

No matter how big your project is, do not under valuate the importance of planning.  As experience shows, a well though-through project plan helps to save you time, money and many problems during the execution. The project plan or schedule indicates what needs to be done to achieve the project scope, which resources must be utilized, and when the project is due.

A Project Scheduler is a part- to full time job in a project, depending on the project size. It covers the following activities:

  • Establishing Schedule Management procedure that defines and documents how the project schedule is created, maintained, controlled and reported;
  • Working closely with Program Managers/ Team Leads to develop and maintain detailed resource loaded schedule;
  • Identify and integrate in the schedule major work packages, milestones, decision points and dependencies;
  • Develop and maintain summary level schedule reports, tollgate and milestone charts, etc.;
  • Analyse, trend and communicate schedule and progress information to project team and stakeholders through useful graphs and summary reports.
This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive, as the exact scope of this service can vary from project to project, depending on how much of scheduling activities is assumed by the project manager him/herself.